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Why Us ?

At Lots Of Love we strive to provide our customers with The highest level of quality care to assist them in living happier, healthier lives at home. Our services are distinguished by the Love and care given by of caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff and our expertise in home care. Our team members are bring a compassionate, positive, balanced approach to aging centered on the evolving needs of older adults.

Our Services

Personal Care

We provide non-medical home care for seniors, adults, children and post surgical patients. We strive to provide the best quality care to our clients so that they are peaceful and comfortable, without having to seek alternative housing such as a skilled nursing facility or assisted living. Our services will improve our clients quality of life to ensure they are living their lives to the fullest.

Our Mission

Daily Living Activities

This service includes daily medication reminders and preparation , cleaning, food preparation, bathing, etc. Our staff diligently to satisfy the daily needs of our customers to make everyday activities easier and efficient.

Assessment and Care Planning

Identifying issues that negatively impact an individual's life, prioritizing desired outcomes and determine interventions, services and resources needed to achieve chosen goals. Having this service will help to regain perspective and provide the best care. 



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