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Lots Of Love Home Care is the vision of our owner Shannan. When moving from Pennsylvania to South Florida. Shannan has worked with families in caregiving and early childhood education since 2009. She owns five child care centers providing services to thousand of children. 


When leaving her home in Pennsylvania, where she assisted in caring  for her grandmother, she realized that in-home care would be something she had to do to assist the family she left behind. Her passion for taking care of people nurturing people has let her down a path of in-home care. Combining her center-based philosophy  and personal experiences and incorporating that into a quality in-home care program. The scope of our in-home care covers children and adults ranging from personal care and home health for seniors and nanny services and tutoring for children. Providing care for your family from infancy through life is not only Shannan’s business it’s her life long mission. 


Shannan Mosley 

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